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Outside of waxing, brow shaping, and brow lamination, we also offer ombre’ brows, powder brows, and microblading.

What are the differences between the different brow options? With microblading, hair strokes are meticulously etched into the epidermal layer of the skin using a hand tool and pigment is added. Ombre and Powered/Machine Brows are applied with a machine in order to create a brow instead of individual hair strokes. You can also get combination brows, which is microblading with shading. With all options eyebrows are intricately mapped before the procedure takes place. Investment wise ombre and powder brows are less expensive than microblading. Which one is better? It’s a matter of preference. I have ombre brows and I absolutely love them. I decided to go that route because of my skin tone, it stands out more than microblading would have for me. It compliments my features and makes getting ready in the morning so much faster.

What to expect at an appointment?

  • First you will meet for our consultation with our awesome licensed esthetician Nina Chukes, who trained aspiring brow artists internationally with World Microblading. You will discuss your expectations, allergies, health concerns, and pre and post services in detail as well as the color and shape of your upgraded brows.

  • The brow area is numbed.

  • Your brows are mapped.

  • The outline and pigment are applied.

  • You'll schedule your follow-up/touch up appointment.

Check out our client pictures below with their upgraded brows.

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